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Staying sane and productive during the pandemic

It has been months since the whole thing began. Being a new mom, starting my PhD, being away from my parents, moving to a new apartment, working from home all the time is not the best combination to keep sane and productive.

All of us deal with it in different ways.

In this post, I will share a daily routine I have been following for a couple of weeks. It helped me to boost my energy and reduced my chronic back pain.

Morning routine
  • Start your day with good music

  • Mute notifications on your devices

  • Give a short break every hour

  • Drink a glass of water or tea every hour

  • Make a call to a colleague or a friend

  • During your breaks move! Take out the trash, water the plants, take a fresh air, or just jump :)

  • Don't read the news!

  • I don't have social media accounts, but if you have them maybe it is a good idea to be away from them for a while...

Lunch break
  • Either before or after lunch take a short walk or do yoga.

  • Eat healthy food.

  • I usually drink macchiato and eat chocolate after lunch. It makes me so happy!

Afternoon routine
  • Similar to morning routine give breaks every hour and keep yourself hydrated

  • I usually do my reading and writing work in the afternoon. To support this, I schedule my meetings in the morning.

  • Take an hour screen-free time if possible. I usually read a book related to my research or use pen and paper to draft my ideas.

After working hours, I and my partner usually cook, play with our son, talk to our parents, clean the house, work out or read. Last part of the day, I am often away from the screen. Only before I go to sleep, I like to watch some funny stuff to cheer myself up.

Maybe some of the steps I have been following might be useful for you too. I hope this post gave you some inspiration.

Ps.I am adding here a few yoga videos for the ones who suffer from back pain.





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