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Raising green fingers: Birthday gift ideas for toddlers

My son turned two on the same week of Earth Week. Such a lovely time of the year to celebrate your birthday, Vincent Toprak! Amsterdam is picturesque as trees along the canals burst with greenery, tulips, and flowers come into colourful bloom. Difficult not to be inspired!

Since the first lockdown, gardening on the balcony has become one of my relaxing activities. Vincent also joins me when planting and watering the flowers. As he grows, I hope he will get better how the natural systems work from seed to flower.

For his second birthday, we decided to give him some gardening tools, strawberry, pea and bee flower seeds, and a bee hotel (we are not sure whether placing it on our balcony is a good idea- need to do some reading). Also, we got him a children's book called Bobbi in the Garden. He likes Bobbi a lot, and seeing himself doing the same things with Bobbi makes him so happy. This book also helps to develop his language skills, to be quite honest, mine too. I am learning some Dutch terms on gardening.

Here are some pictures of Vincent enjoying his time on the balcony with the gardening...

We had a fantastic time together on his birthday! You don't need to buy expensive gifts for your children and create toy mountains at your home. In my opinion, the best gift you could give to your child is your time and attention. And in this post, I hope I gave an inspiration of how you could do it in a more green way :)




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